How our technology and expertise help you achieve your business goals

Contact-Centre Automation

Nuamedia has been working with our customers for many years in the delivery of multi-channel Contact-Centre and Service-Desk automation.

Today, more and more business are looking to increase self-service automation and the benefits it provides, including reducing time and cost to serve customers, improving agent performance while providing more choices and responsiveness to customers,  enhancing overall customer-experience.

Nuamedia technology also use AI-enabled intelligence to improve call routing, ensuring customers have faster response times, enabling agents to focus on more complex issues.

Omni-Channel CX

It’s more than a buzzword and something that we do very well – our apps are designed in an intelligent manner to run on any channel, automatically. This is accomplished through our mature platform, CamlinConnect – that enables businesses to deliver customer-centric applications across all channels using voice, visual, text and API interfaces.

This is backed up by our experienced team of CX consultants and engineers providing your organisation with architecture, design, development, test and management skills to compliment your people and projects.



The Nuamedia team is helping our customers digitise their IVR through easy to use Visual-IVR applications.  Visual-IVR is recognised as a disruptive solution in the market, offering multiple business benefits, including Customer Experience improvements, call reductions, improved call-routing while also providing the ability to manage new and more complex self-service customer interactions.  Today, through our Visual-IVR implementations, we are helping our customers reduce operational costs significantly and improve CX, both as individual-channel and broader multi-channel solutions.

Payment as a Service

Your business can take advantage of our fully hosted PCI compliant Voice and Visual ‘Payment as a Service’ solutions integrated with our partners at Braintree for Paypal, Credit and Debit Card payments. With a full turnkey solution, you can drive and manage your revenue streams through multiple channels, offering your customers improved and new ways to transact with your business, while removing complex compliance overheads and achieving PCI certification faster in more cost effective manner.

Voice and Digital Chatbots

Consumers are increasingly moving towards mobile and online digital channels however, many customers are still communicating across Voice, IVR, SMS channels and directly to an Agent.

With this understanding, we set ourselves a task to build an online studio where we put the tools in your hands to easily create a single application that runs across IVR, text (SMS, Bot) and digital channels (apps and browser) seamlessly while having the ability to pivot communication back to an agent, when required.

Cloud Enablement

We have been leading the way on Cloud enablement with many of our customers,  migrating large on-premise builds of Applications and services to cloud hosted environments.

Working with Australia’s most well known and respected brands, we have enabled them to quickly realise the benefits that cloud provides, such as enhanced flexibility and scalability; improved operational cost management; improved uptime and availability and speed to market.

We provide full lifecycle services from making your systems cloud-hosted,  integrating and building API’s, testing and deployment through to ongoing Managed-Service Support and Maintenance


Campaigns can be integrated managed and tracked through a single view – Camlin Connect.

Preemptively contact the customer at the right time. Provision outbound campaigns to actively engage customers across multiple channels e.g. push notifications. CamlinConnect provides contextual self-service interaction to ensure they get exactly the information they need.

Call Intercept

Our Android and iOS SDKs gives your mobile applications the capability to intercept a call made by your customers and display a dialogue. This can be a visual IVR interface containing the call context, e.g. a technical support call. Calls can also be secured in this way and help to skip the Identification and verification process.