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Location based services linking to your customer’s mobiles


The Moloco (Mobile Location & Context) is a capability of the platform that facilitates adding a physical location into a conversation which can be used for product marketing direct to customers.

Knowing the location of an application user can also be useful to enrich a conversation and also provide more security, e.g. knowing a caller/user is standing in a banks offices

The platform enables the management of low energy bluetooth beacons so that information can be passed from the beacon to the mobile device via bluetooth, so when a customer is close to a beacon they can be alerted to advertisements as they pass by or the location can simply be used while they are on a call or interacting with an application.

Supports ITTT and is currently being expanded to work across a full range of IoT and beacon devices.


Increase sales through real-time customer attraction and engagement based on location, demographics and habits of the customer.

Understanding the customers habits and engagement across multiple channels and gathering data to train natural language and machine learning models to make predictions and promotions of advertising material gives you an advantage over your competitors

Full suite of analytics and outbound capabilities are provided with the platform that can work well with the Moloco location triggers, using data and location together along with AI technology the platform can make accurate predictions about customers desires and patterns.