Create conversational omni-channel designed apps – automatically

Allow anyone in your team to create an intelligent app that runs on any channel.

Conversational apps are easily created using the drag-n-drop 1CX studio which is a core part of the platform.

One Application – Every Channel

This has been our goal for Camlin Converse apps and we have absolutely achieved it.  An app can converse with you across any channel, using natural voice, visually on a phone or browser, via SMS or chatbot.

Real World Scenario

Lets say you create a Camlin Converse app using the 1CX studio and this application is an automated receptionist for your company, the app greets callers and gathers their reason for calling and can transfer the caller or provide some basic self-service.

After the app is created you decide that you want to offer the caller a way to see a list of people in a team to select the correct team member, this can be done easily by just using the same app and adding in a visual channel that is initiated by an SMS or email to the caller.

Omni-Channel Efficiencies

The apps automatically are capable of providing a unified customer experience when they are using the app across channels.  This means that an application can deliver businesses in a very effective and timely manner because the app can start operating across multiple channels without much effort at all.  Instead of rolling a product update or business process change out across multiple channels and taking weeks – it can be done in one step and take a few hours.  This improves efficiencies in many parts of a business and starts saving money in a short time period.

Cloud Speech and AI

Wether you want to keep your existing IVR platform or migrate your calls to the Camlin Voice cloud platform.  Our application layer can provide a capability to provide a new level of speech technology to your calls.  Apps can automatically use public cloud available speech engines (recognition, synthesis, sentiment analysis etc.) that have learning an AI capability , providers like IBM Bluemix, Google Speech and Lex, to name a few.

The apps can also utilise public based NLU (Natural Language Understanding) providers like AWS, Google and IBM to understand what the speech means and this can be applied across any channel including voice, text, visual and API.

Private Speech and AI

Our apps can automatically utilise speech, NLU and sentiment analysis engines in the cloud but for some of our customers who deal with PROTECTED level systems and data for Governments a public system is not at the required level of security. For these scenarios we are providing cloud based platforms that are at the correct security level and use private speech, NLU and ML (machine learning) technology.


Reduction in expensive voice calls to call centre agents. Customers were able to self-serve for their most common tasks. In a recent case, this resulted in 30,000 less calls per month to support staff.

No need to replace your existing customer support system, we can reuse your existing investments and make help you to cloud-enable these systems and also deliver a lot of new ways to interact (channels) across the top

Your IVR customers can see their progress when calling by simultaneously using Visual IVR on their smartphone. This also allows more efficient input than voice alone.

Customers are encouraged to self serve instead of going straight through to an agent for routine tasks.